• Procurement of Bank Loan / Equity / Angel / Venture funding

    As easy as it sounds, we will help any and every business with long-term prospects and scalability to attract different forms of funding. The kind of funding which can be procured depends entirely on the vision, financial condition and scalability of the business.

  • Financial Planning

    Financial planning is considered an important thing even for an individual today. An entrepreneur must understand that any planning is important if he / she wants to succeed in the venture or business aspired. Financial planning can help an entrepreneur determine the stability and ground reality.

  • Creating Business Plan from an Idea

    You must have an idea, don’t you? But the confusion always lay in preparing a document with all that theory and numbers. We are definitely here to help and consult you in creating such a document. Unlike others, we are not going to feed some data onto fixed templates and rather sit and listen to your vision and thoughts about your idea, and guide you accordingly to create a robust plan.

    Remember, no one other than the aspiring entrepreneur can create the most relevant business plan.

  • Legal support (like Company formation, Returns filing, Trademark, Copyright etc.).

    As usual, you need not worry about legal requirements and hassles. All administrative and legal requirements can be taken care of and as we believe, you should only focus on creating your product and constantly enhancing it.

  • Handholding a Venture from Inception to Maturity

    The way parents holds a child throughout his / her journey towards Adulthood, Entrepreneur Adda is really waiting to handhold you since beginning and mentor you at every stage you proceed. This can essentially save you from making common mistakes and increase your chances of success considerably.

  • Product Planning, Creation and Support

    Any product creation needs extensive planning, implementation and support from related avenues and the process can sometimes become exhaustive. Entrepreneur Adda is committed to provide all support required for product planning, be it IT, Web or even manufactured products.

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