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Interactive Session With Growth Entrepreneurs

Do you want to take your business to the next level?

Whether to diversify into unrelated activities or not?

At what stage one should think of raising funds and what is the good option, either Equity, Debt or combination of both?

Want to expand geographically across India but don’t know how?

What are the preparations required for SME Listing?

Want to launch an e-commerce portal for the business you are already running but don’t know how?

Looking to change structure of your business from proprietorship to LLP or Company but don’t know how?

If you are looking to find answer to all the above questions, here is an opportunity for you. 


Harnesstouch raises Rs. 1 crore

Harness Touch Private Limited raises Rs. One crore as Angel funding from Club Ah! (part of Ah! Ventures India) which is a growing angel-investment network.

To read more, click here.

I have an Idea Meetup #2

In the life of an entrepreneur, things are rather created than inherited. Nothing comes for granted, rather everything is earned.

Here I am just trying to compact the philosophy of "entrepreneurship" in a single line. What happens when your mind cannot stop thinking of ideas and you are confused whether they can be really executed or they are just some insane "stupid" ideas!

Entrepreneur Adda (www.entrepreneuradda.com) which is the flagship organization for the initiative "I am Entrepreneur" is announcing it's SECOND meetup "I have an Idea". We plan to organize a series of such "casual though sincere" meetups.

There are absolutely NO charges for this meetup! For more details, click here.

Free Consulting Session

Entrepreneur Adda has launched a programme under which we are offering anyone willing to understand the dynamics of their idea in the entrepreneurial space.

This programme is also open to those entrepreneurs who have already started and fighting the uncertainties of this space. We will keep updating our Events sheet with session details regularly.


Target audience: Entrepreneurs, Managers, Students and working people with a will to understand more about Entrepreneurship

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