Entrepreneur Training

  • Think as an Entrepreneur

    Entrepreneurship is not just creation of a venture but is an ultimate result of how and what you think. It's much beyond just business and thinking from within is the only criteria. Through this short 1-day (6 hours) training, we try to establish some elements within you and this helps you realize whether you can think as an Entrepreneur or not.

  • From Idea to Venture

    Most of the times an entrepreneur is not really able to think beyond the "idea" level and is paralyzed with multiple conditions in life. Taking an idea to the venture level needs you to have strong "execution" and "delegation" skills and a lot of miniature issues have to be dealt with. Through this 2-days (12 hours) training, we shall add a lot of value to your existing entrepreneurial skill and you should feel more confident in actually executing an idea.

  • Finance A-B-C for Entrepreneurs

    A lot of entrepreneurs today are Technology-savvy and boast of good entrepreneurial skills. Many of them do have a strong managerial background and are competent enough to run things without dependency. However when it comes to finance, even experienced managers lack basic knowledge and need to be supported by someone at the core level who understands finance and how money moves in the market. This 3 days (12-15 hours) training shall take entrepreneurs through the basics of finance and with practical case-studies, equip them to take quick decisions based on money.

  • Make Business Plan Quickly and Effectively

    An idea is the seed for any business venture and today ideas are going more innovative. However when you have to talk about the idea with people who can help and may be support you with resources like private funds and loans, the need for a Business Plan turns critical. A lot of entrepreneurs are able to create business plans but either without financial projections or they are not effective to impress the third party. Through this short training of 2 days (10 hours), we will take you through the ups and downs of actually creating a Business Plan in the minimum time without compromising on quality.

  • Leaving Job Security for Entrepreneurship

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  • What to do? How to get Ideas?

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  • Understanding more about Seed Funding

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  • Approaching a VC for Funding

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  • Approaching an Angel for Funding

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