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Entrepreneur Adda (legal name: Entrepreneur Adda Ventures) - as the name suggests, it is like an all-rounder facilitating hub to experience entrepreneurship from inception to maturity. It is an outcome of the belief that there exists a huge potential to nurture countless entrepreneurial dreams into real-life chariots. Most of such dreamers don’t realize that it can be worth more than just a dream, others just let the stomach butterflies tickle for life. Entrepreneur Adda is dedicated to handhold such “entrepreneurs” using the 3Cs approach (Counseling, Coaching and Consulting).

The founder of Entrepreneur Adda is CA Gagan Choudhary.


Mr. Gagan Choudhary

Gagan’s initial vision behind Entrepreneur Adda was to simply ‘help’ and ‘mentor’ the new generation of emerging entrepreneurs in the society who at times finds it difficult to understand the dynamics involved. His motivation was one of the factors in the birth of ‘Entrepreneur Adda’.


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