Our Mission

We don’t particularly have one definite mission. We don’t want to end up with a mission. Mission ends the whole purpose of “entrepreneurship” which is to explore, create and achieve endlessly. Entrepreneur Adda is always there to entrepreneur for people who are motivated to create something new.


Our Vision

We have a ‘mega-vision’. We don’t want to stop at a standard vision as we believe every entrepreneur has a unique plan and approach and if we hand-hold them till a particular stage, if we nurture them, if we resolve their doubts, consult them for specific goals, what we get in return is successful ventures, employment and a new and innovative product in the market.

Social Entrepreneurship

At Entrepreneur Adda, we just don’t take it as a commitment but Social Entrepreneurship is something which runs through our blood and we are passionate believers of the entire concept. With the growing need for progress and social upliftment, a huge cadre of talent wants to do something which brings about a change socially yet should provide for their bread and butter.

Entrepreneur Adda may not be a social venture itself but it always looks ahead in helping and promoting social ventures. We would love to provide any and all of our services to such entrepreneurs who are committed for a positive change in the social structure.

We all know that any Social venture has limited funds and resources, and hence the need for good management is more. With Entrepreneur Adda, you can expect much more than just ‘consulting’, but even a great deal of ‘walking together’, ‘fund management’, ‘loans and funding’ along with ‘stress management’.

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